28 Truly Stupid Ideas

19 August, 2016 Pixel Pete 0

Ideas usually come in two flavors: good ideas and bad ideas. But sometimes a bad idea is so bad it becomes a truly stupid idea. We feel these bad ideas have moved into the stupid idea territory.

25 Fairly Stupid Tattoo Fails

24 March, 2016 Pixel Pete 0

A tattoo may not be forever, but you have to believe these fools would have considered their choice a bit more before committing this tattoo failure to ink. Thanks to Tattoo Failure more many of these.

I Have Made a Huge Mistake – 21 Pictures

1 August, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

  We have all said these fateful words, “I have made a huge mistake.” Of course you could have easily said “a big mistake,” “a terrible mistake” and so on, but the message is clear, a miscalculation was made. These folks and animals pictured have admitted their mistake, if only […]