Why Cats Suck – 25 Pictures

17 August, 2016 Pixel Pete 0

Okay, I don’t really believe cats suck; I have owned a few cats and they are cool for the most part, but sometimes, yeah, they do suck. Here are some pictures showing just how much a cat can suck.

25 Photos of Ridiculously Photogenic Animals

14 January, 2016 Pixel Pete 0

Sure, people can be photogenic or ridiculously photogenic as it were, but our animal counterparts can rock the camera too, without even trying. Rather than overwhelm you with cute kittens we have chosen a good looking group of animals that look great on (digital) film and all meet the stands […]

31 Funny Animal Captions

13 March, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Animals have been the overlords of the internet since its inception and the true ruler, housecat, has been a most gracious king. We have been showing our loyalty ever since by posting pictures of them everywhere and any site not currently devoted to that endeavor will be shortly decommissioned. Take […]

56 Cute Cats Sleeping in Crazy Awkward Positions

22 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Cats Sleeping in Awkward Positions I assure you that no cats were harmed in the taking of these photographs. Believe it or not, cats just love to sleep like they have been in a horrific car accident and have been left on the road for dead. Cats are crazy and […]

44 Impossibly Cute Animal Pictures – Say Aww!

15 January, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Animals, for the most part, are cute. Our pets, such as cats, dogs, hedgehogs, and even fish can be considered cute. Snakes? Ummm…no. But put a top hat on a snake and then Heck, yeah! Even some bears can be cute and fluffy. Just look at some of the Red […]

50 Funny Animal Pictures

4 January, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Animals are funny. Sometimes. Sometimes they try to kill us or eat us. But when they are funny, they usually go all out to make us laugh…unintentionally. So we have made it easy and posted 50 funny animal pictures with no danger to you and with much laughing to be […]

31 Adorable Holiday Pet Costumes for Christmas

18 December, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Who says humans are the only ones who can enjoy the holidays? Well, mostly biology and the fact that we’re the only creatures capable of higher cortical thinking and the concept of holidays. But let’s not over think it, shall we? It’s impossible for our pets to not be jealous […]

25 Extremely Cool Dogs with Sunglasses

2 December, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Dogs are cool. Sunglasses are even cooler. But dog with sunglasses? That is about as cool as you can get. I mean, dogs don’t normally wear sunglasses so when a I see a pup donning dark shades I have to look twice. And now you can look twice and see […]

15 Interesting Photos of Dogs Shaking Their Heads

20 November, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

From the creative mind of Carli Davidson, these very funny photos of dogs caught in the act of shaking their heads gives you a glimpse of the forces that are happening when a dog needs a good head shake. Almost horrifying in the disfigurement, you can easily think these are […]

33 Cute Pictures of Puppies and Babies Being Super Cute

17 November, 2013 The Big A 0

On a cuteness scale of 1 to 10 I think we can agree that babies are near a 10 and puppies are easily an 11. Imagine putting puppies and babies together and taking pictures of them. Could any man-made camera handle this without exploding from the raging cuteness energy? Well, […]

38 Camouflage Animals That You Can’t See

4 November, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

We have found 38 different animals that are all hiding in plain site. How do animals hide without trying? They use camouflage. Have fun trying to find these camouflage animals that we bet you can’t see without doing a double-take. In fact, most of these pictures of animals hiding would […]

31 Great Grumpy Cat Memes That Will Make You Less Grumpy

7 October, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Grumpy Cat has taken the internet meme world by storm Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, has feline dwarfism. This, her owners have said, accounts for her distinctive facial features and small size. She became an internet celebrity in September 2012, when her owners posted photos showing her in all […]

Fun, Crazy Dog Halloween Costumes

23 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

They are loyal, patient, non-judgmental and allow us take away their canine dignity by letting us dress them up. However we want. Whenever we want. And our dogs come back for more. It’s really their own faults; if they didn’t look so gosh darn cute in their outfits, we would […]

Freaky, Funky Animal Hybrid Photos

19 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

I’m not stating whether these photos are un-retouched or Photoshopped as I think you can figure that out for yourselves. Whichever they may be, they are definitely signs of a creative mind! There are a few hybrids that I wish actually existed and some that I’m thankful they don’t. Enjoy […]

Pug Love – 41 Funny Pictures of Pug Dogs

13 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

While most dogs are cute as puppies, they can lose a bit of their charm as they grow up and grow older. Well, not so for Pugs, as they basically look the same as they get older, just bigger. This gives the Pug a great advantage for looking cute and […]

Seriously Happy, Smiling Dogs (27 Pics)

7 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Dogs are usually a happier “breed” than us humans, which is one of the reasons be like to have man’s best friend around. They make us happier. So it is always good to see our dogs when they are happy and smiling dogs. Here are some of our favorite pictures […]