25 Delightful Cakes with a Hidden Surprise Inside

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Who likes cake? Yeah, everyone, except for a few weirdos. But even they would like to have these cakes because they all have a surprise hidden inside. Some of the cake surprises are visual treats, such as a face or a carrot or a pattern or a heart, but some […]


10 Shockingly Unusual Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Try decorating your Easter Eggs without Being Boring Okay so these are the most shocking ways to decorate or color you Easter eggs, in fact, how shocking could decorating eggs for Easter really be? Suffice to say these egg decorating techniques won’t blow your mind, but they will get you […]

25 Delightful Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

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Easter is on its way. Regardless of your religious affiliation, everyone is familiar with the traditions that are shared with its arrival. While the most ubiquitous symbol is without a doubt the rabbit, the Easter egg itself provides the most opportunities to be creative. It also proffers an interesting challenge […]

DIY Avengers Swimsuits by AvantGeek!

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Most guys love women. Most guys love women in swimsuits. Most guys love The Avengers. So this trifecta hits home wonderfully for most guys. Avenger Swimsuits featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Black Widow costumes. While not quite Cosplay, it is very creative and we have AvantGeek to […]

61 Art Nouveau Style Characters

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Art Nouveau has always been inspired by natural forms like flowers and plants. Curved lines have always played a huge role in the applied and fine arts of the early 20th century style. But who cares about that, right? “Old” art is only cool once you modernize it with pop […]

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24 Creative Eye Makeup Art Masterpieces

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Tal Peleg has created some very beautiful and unusual artwork using a canvas we all have, her eyes. Her creative eye makeup artwork will have you looking twice. She paints little masterpieces around her eyes. She applies the painted makeup which often represents a story or fairytale, for added interest. […]

24 “Cool” Artworks Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

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Frozen has amassed quite the following of artists and graphic designers since and even before its release. It’s been a while since Disney gave a character enough supernatural power for fan artists to play with in all sorts of styles. Not to be outdone by their fans, Disney itself released […]

25 Splatter Art Masterpieces

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Most of us wish we had talent like this. Artist/Graphic Designer/Photographer Melissa Smith has created chaotic simplicity for all manner of pop culture icons. You can check out more of her work at her DeviantART page or buy these prints and more. Additionally, just like other artists, Melissa has also […]

22 Simple Wood Crate DIY Ideas

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I personally love old wooden crates. Recycling old crates can create bespoke and one of a kind designs. You might need a few different tools to create different pieces of furniture, like a saw. drill and perhaps a planer. When you’re using a planer, just watch out for snipe on […]

Star Wars Alphabet Artwork for Children

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Most kids love Star Wars, but hate learning their alphabet, right? Well, not anymore! Here are your favorite characters from Star Wars in alphabetical order teaching your kids their ABCs in a fun and pop-culture sort of way. As anyone who has ever worked with children will admit, finding new […]

Funny Christmas Holiday Tattoos

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It has been said that tattoos are another form of art. With that thought in mind, here is a collection of holiday art mounted on animated canvases. In the words of Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), I hope this adds to your enjoyment of the holidays!    

45 Unsettling Vintage Santa Ads

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Mad Men is the portrayal of the most fun job America has ever had. It seems like you could get away with putting anything in the papers in America’s golden age compared to today’s standards. Even Santa Claus himself was not immune to selling cigarettes that didn’t give you a […]

The Mightiest Cookies, 22 Avengers Gingerbread Cookies

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the Avengers are great. Cookies are great. Put the two together and you get an event greater thing: Avenger Cookies! Mot of these cookies are gingerbread Avengers, but there are also some sugar cookie Avengers and even a Gingerbread Avengers Mansion (Stark Headquarters). All your favorite superheroes from the Avengers […]

27 Marvel Super Hero Christmas Cards

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Marvel Comics puts out Christmas Cards and there is also a lot of fan art Christmas cards. Here is a collection of holidays cards from Marvel and from fans, showcasing some of Marvel’s biggest superheroes such as Spider-man carrying Santa’s bag, the Incredicle Hulk sitting on Santa’s Lap, Deadpool tied […]

18 Homemade DIY Christmas Cards to Impress

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18 Homemade DIY Christmas Cards to Brighten the Season Time to get crafty and start making your own Christmas cards, yes, homemade Christmas cards. If you can’t afford a gift or just want to impress your family and friends with your craft skills, think about a DIY Christmas card. They […]

28 Amazing Nail and String Projects

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When was the last time string inspired you? If you’re like me, the answer is “never,” never that is until someone wraps it around a bunch of nails then voila. Finally, you can combine your love of paint-by-numbers and smacking things with a hammer to create art! All you need […]

16 Popular Posters Trending on Red Bubble

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You can find all these popular posters on RedBubble.com and thousands more. A great site for finding out what is popular and decorating your life with it, such as posters, clothing and iphone accessories. If modern popculture, sci-fi and comic books are not your thing and you’re looking for something […]

37 Simple Craft Ideas for Halloween Decorations

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Decorating for Halloween is a fun activity. Creating your own Halloween decorations is even more fun as we all get to let the darker side of our brains out for a bit. Here are some simple ideas for Halloween decorations that most people can do. You don’t have to be […]

31 Geeky Cool Pumpkins for Halloween

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We included these cool and geeky pumpkins for Halloween in our DIY category, but the truth is probably that most of us don’t have the time or talent to pull off these majorly artistic pumpkin carvings for our jack-o-lanterns. So, scroll through the pumpkin art and simply marvel at the […]