22 Simple Wood Crate DIY Ideas

I personally love old wooden crates. Vintage crates can range from fruit crates, soda bottle crates, wine crates and anything needed to be shipped in a wooden crate. These crates were surprisingly well made and can make great furniture, accents and home decorations when you apply a little DIY knowledge and some imagination. Here are 23 crate ideas to get you going. Crate DIY is a fun and easy way to get introduced to the DIY lifestyle.

Lovely Wood Crate as a simple storage Bin

The Modern Arks Side Table


Coffee table crate idea



Soda bottle wood crate foot stool

wood soda crate footstool

build it

Wood wine crate as a bike basket

wood crate on bicycle

create it

Coke wood crate as drawers in a dresser


coke crate

Simple wood crate idea – hang your keys on hook inside


Rustic Wall Crate – source

Another clever crate foot rest

repurpose old wine crates

Repurpose Wine Crates – source

Wood crate carried soup cans, now it holds wine bottles


Small DIY Wine Rack with old crate – source

Varied soda bottle wood crates used as drawers

DIY vintage soda crate chest

DIY vintage soda crate chest – source

Pepsi wood crate idea – A retro planter

soda crate planter

Or store your small items as this shown in the DIY crate organizer

soda crate supply organizer

vintage soda crate decorating ideas – source

More Simple, Yet Recycled Ideas for using your vintage wood crates.

I couldn’t find sources for these simple wood crate DIY ideas, so please provide them if you know where the ideas came from. Thanks.

Crate bookshelves

simple-crate-diy-ideas (6)

Jewelry cabinet from a crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (7)

Awesome vintage end table from Arm & Hammer wooden crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (8)

Not so simple, but cool – Cabinet facades from vintage crates

simple-crate-diy-ideas (9)

Outdoor storage with DIY crate project

simple-crate-diy-ideas (10)

Coca-cola Crate repurposed as a ultra-hip bird house

simple-crate-diy-ideas (11)

Wood Crates make cool bookshelves

simple-crate-diy-ideas (12)

Store wrapping paper in your Hey & Humphries wood crates

simple-crate-diy-ideas (1)

Pet feeder bowls look retro with this wood crate idea

simple-crate-diy-ideas (2)

Simple, yet stylish Coca-cola wood crates as a small table.

simple-crate-diy-ideas (3)

Small book shelf from a well-built wood crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (4)