22 Simple Wood Crate DIY Ideas

I personally love old wooden crates. Recycling old crates can create bespoke and one of a kind designs. You might need a few different tools to create different pieces of furniture, like a saw. drill and perhaps a planer. When you’re using a planer, just watch out for snipe on a planer as it can make the wood a little uneven and that could make it difficult to attach different pieces of wood together to create your design. Vintage crates can range from fruit crates, soda bottle crates, wine crates and anything needed to be shipped in a wooden crate. These crates were surprisingly well made and can make great furniture, accents and home decorations when you apply a little DIY knowledge and some imagination. In case you are looking for a good drill for a DIY project, getting a cordless one will save you from lots of stress later on. To find a cordless drill that’s perfect for your latest vintage crate DIY project, head to the Coolest Gadgets website. For now though, here are 23 crate ideas to get you going. Crate DIY is a fun and easy way to get introduced to the DIY lifestyle.

Lovely Wood Crate as a simple storage Bin

The Modern Arks Side Table


Coffee table crate idea



Soda bottle wood crate foot stool

wood soda crate footstool

build it

Wood wine crate as a bike basket

wood crate on bicycle

create it

Coke wood crate as drawers in a dresser


coke crate

Simple wood crate idea – hang your keys on hook inside


Rustic Wall Crate – source

Another clever crate foot rest

repurpose old wine crates

Repurpose Wine Crates – source

Wood crate carried soup cans, now it holds wine bottles


Small DIY Wine Rack with old crate – source

Varied soda bottle wood crates used as drawers

DIY vintage soda crate chest

DIY vintage soda crate chest – source

Pepsi wood crate idea – A retro planter

soda crate planter

Or store your small items as this shown in the DIY crate organizer

soda crate supply organizer

vintage soda crate decorating ideas – source

More Simple, Yet Recycled Ideas for using your vintage wood crates.

I couldn’t find sources for these simple wood crate DIY ideas, so please provide them if you know where the ideas came from. Thanks.

Crate bookshelves

simple-crate-diy-ideas (6)

Jewelry cabinet from a crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (7)

Awesome vintage end table from Arm & Hammer wooden crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (8)

Not so simple, but cool – Cabinet facades from vintage crates

simple-crate-diy-ideas (9)

Outdoor storage with DIY crate project

simple-crate-diy-ideas (10)

Coca-cola Crate repurposed as a ultra-hip bird house

simple-crate-diy-ideas (11)

Wood Crates make cool bookshelves

simple-crate-diy-ideas (12)

Store wrapping paper in your Hey & Humphries wood crates

simple-crate-diy-ideas (1)

Pet feeder bowls look retro with this wood crate idea

simple-crate-diy-ideas (2)

Simple, yet stylish Coca-cola wood crates as a small table.

simple-crate-diy-ideas (3)

Small book shelf from a well-built wood crate

simple-crate-diy-ideas (4)