107 Used Wood Pallet Projects and Ideas

17 April, 2017 Pixel Pete 0

Has any one item been reused more creatively, with more functional use and more practical application than the lowly used pallet racking? They end up looking like luxury outdoor furniture, I think. An item made for the simple task of helping to move large and heavy objects in warehouses. Has […]

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11 Dr. Who Crafty DIY Ideas

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Here’s our collection of 11 Doctor Who Craft Ideas: Doctor Who Painted Heels by Doodle Craft Doctor Who Bow Tie Necklace by 3 Chic Geeks Tardis Phone Charging Station by Make: Craft TARDIS iPhone Case Cross-Stitch Pattern by The Zen of Making Mini Dalek Brooch Tutorial by Fave Crafts Homemade Fez by Talley’s Tresury […]

26 Easy DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

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Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a great party idea and this year it seems this party theme has hit all new ugly heights! Unfortunately, buying an ugly Christmas sweater can be a costly venture. So at this time of the year when money is at a premium and you want […]

21 DIY Minion Costumes from Despicable Me for Halloween

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21 DIY Minion Costumes from Despicable Me for Halloween – get ready early for Halloween this year and build your own (DIY) minion costume from the Despicable Me movies. Here are some great ideas for doing it yourself and, yes, one store bought version so you can see how much […]

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11 Mason Jar Craft Ideas to Sell

6 January, 2015 Pixel Pete 0

Other than wood pallets, I think mason jars are a crafter’s best friend. Well, maybe mason jars are the most used item for crafts, but if not they are certainly a staple item to use. But at some point you have to consider making a little money with your crafting […]

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home Naturally

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We certainly marvel at the productivity and teamwork we see in ants, but only when they are in the wild and not in our house or in our yard. That is when that productivity and teamwork becomes quite the annoyance and sometimes becomes dangerous especially with pets or children. If […]

26 Pallet Signs & Ideas for Weddings

16 July, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Pallets are all the rage especially for the DIY crowd. But pallets are also rustic and add a nice touch of down-home to any event they are used in and that includes weddings. Signage ain’t cheap so if you can recycle an old wood pallet and slap some paint on […]

22 DIY Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Cool

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Having a kitchen to brag about is always a good thing. Having a cool kitchen to showoff would look great if you maybe considered some of ProductExpert’s Review of the top dishwashers in India. But anyway, today we bring you 22 creative diy ideas for the kitchen that anyone with […]

25 DIY Ideas Using Pallets for Raised Garden Beds

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Pallets are nature’s way of providing us with something that gives us the feel of god-like powers so that we can make anything from a simple source of wood in the shape of a pallet. Sure, it was already created from a tree, but it is pretty close to the […]

14 DIY Gifts for Men They Will Actually Love

28 April, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Buying gifts is easy but usually not as fulfilling. Whilst there are perfect gifts you can buy someone, like a briefcase for your husband or a new shirt for your dad, DIY gifts always get appreciated even if they aren’t really want the gift-getter wanted especially when they are practical […]

25 Delightful Cakes with a Hidden Surprise Inside

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Who likes cake? Yeah, everyone, except for a few weirdos. But even they would like to have these cakes because they all have a surprise hidden inside. Some of the cake surprises are visual treats, such as a face or a carrot or a pattern or a heart, but some […]


10 Shockingly Unusual Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

9 April, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Try decorating your Easter Eggs without Being Boring Okay so these are the most shocking ways to decorate or color you Easter eggs, in fact, how shocking could decorating eggs for Easter really be? Suffice to say these egg decorating techniques won’t blow your mind, but they will get you […]


34 DIY Ideas to Reuse Your Old Shutters

20 March, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Home is where the heart is. It is where memories are made, it is one of the first places that you can truly find independence, and you can watch your family grow from babies to teenagers and then to adults. It truly is a magical place for so many. This […]

28 Crafty DIY Burlap Project Ideas

12 March, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Burlap is an extremely durable fabric. Its uses are so widespread and its versatility so great you’d be hard pressed to find something around the house you can’t cover it in. Of course, if you covered everything in your house with burlap, I imagine your fingers would get raw pretty […]


11 Simple Upcycling Ideas for Anyone to Try

23 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

No one enjoys throwing away items that are still usable, but as a society of resource hogs, we have become immune to our waste. So I’m always encouraged when I see creative and simple upcycling projects that almost anyone can try to do. Of course, there are more complex ways […]


Extremely Simple DIY Headband Tutorial

21 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

If you have thick hair elastics, some extra trim and/or ribbon, and 5-10 minutes, then we have a project for you. This is probably considering a sewing hack, but the reality is anyone with needle and thread can create a stunning headband. I give you the DIY headband! Materials: assorted […]


24 Creative DIY Wall Hooks for Hanging in Style

14 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 2

DIY Wall Hooks that Make Your Wall Stand Up Hooks are great, unless you are a pirate and then hooks are AWESOME. But hooks in the house are good for one thing. Hanging things up, but hooks have lost their style their sense of fashion, so these 24 hooks are […]

DIY Chevron Paint Chip Necklace

13 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

This DIY comes from By Wilma where she has plenty of DIY and recipes to try out. Using paint chips to decorate is a trend sweeping the internet. Why spend money to paint when you can cover it in free samples? It’s sort of like filling grocery bags with the […]


35 Funny Romantic Cards for Geeks & Nerds in Love

9 February, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Hey, everyone needs love, especially the geeks (me included) and the nerds of planet earth. If you’ve been on sites like Nerd Dating then you’ll be wanting to impress the person you’ve matched with and have been talking to so whether you consider yourself one or the other or some […]