11 Mason Jar Craft Ideas to Sell

fun twine holder mason jar craft

Other than wood pallets, I think mason jars are a crafter’s best friend. Well, maybe mason jars are the most used item for crafts, but if not they are certainly a staple item to use. But at some point you have to consider making a little money with your crafting talent and starting with an inexpensive item such as a mason jar leaves a lot of room for profit as well as imagination. You can literally use a mason jar for anything as well as decorate it however you like. You could paint it, cover it with fabric or even add personalized vinyl decals to it. If you wanted to add decals, you’d be best using a cricut to make the decals so that they’re perfect every time. Some crafters get sucked into the maker vs explore air 2 debate but both cricuts are good at what they’re designed to do. Here are 11 craft ideas to use with mason jars and I chose these because I thought they could be easily sold at craft fairs and flea markets. What do you think? Any good ideas here for your mason jars or do you have a mason jar craft idea that you make and sell that you would like to share. Please add any idea to the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and keep on crafting!

Thank you to DIY for Life for many of these wonder mason jar craft ideas. They have a page that lists 101 craft ideas using mason jars and thank to BigDIYIdeas.com and their mason jar crafts page.

Thread & Twine Holder to make you smile. Just don’t make the face a butt, that could be awkward.

fun twine holder mason jar craft

Convenient storage for Matches and add sandpaper for a match strike. Simple idea for a easy sell, especially for preppers.

mason jar matches craft idea

Quick craft idea for a Powdered Sugar Shaker. Basically you are using a mason jar as a shaker and that makes an easy sell.

mason jar powderred sugar sharker

Macrame makes Rustic Hangers a add a certain ambiance with lit with an electronic candle.

mason jar hanging lights craft idea

A wonderful craft idea for a mason jar candle – Jar-Shaped Candle

Clever idea mason jar candle – Jar-Shaped Candle

Fabric Trim Votives in mason jars are not flammable, but they will melt your heart.

Fabric Trim Votives in mason jars

Get really rustic by making Twine-Wrapped Mason Jar Vases

Twine-Wrapped Mason Jar Vases

Kids and everyone else will “light up” when they see the the glowing mason jar trick. See how to do it: Glowing Firefly Jar

Glowing Firefly Mason Jar Craft idea

This will be an easy mason jar craft to sell at Halloween and it is safer than paper bags for real candles – Painted Jar Luminaries

mason jar halloween Luminaries

What would a mason jar craft page be without chalk paint somewhere? Chalk Painted Mason Jars

chalk board paint mason jars

Hanging Pendant Lights are a staple of mason jar decor ideas.

Pendant Lights mason jar decor ideas