25 Pictures That Can Give You Hope Today!

31 December, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Hope can come in many forms, a smile, a kind word, a touch on your shoulder, a memory or even a picture. We can’t provide the spoken word or the sensation of touch, but we can provide some hopeful pictures that may inspire you to try again or try for […]

26 Things You Can Relate to in Life

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Life can provide many moments that are unique, but most of our daily lives are simple so relateable. Meaning most events or happenings in our lives are things others can relate to in your life. Such as the 26 relateable things below. Things you can relate to can be thoughts, […]

Funny Quotes from the King of Queens TV Show

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The King of Queens starring Kevin James as loveable truck driver Doug Heffernan was a successful TV sitcom that ran for 9 years. There were many memorable quotes and many funny quotes, so we are presenting the best funny quotes from the King of Queens. We brought in a few […]

38 Short, Inspirational Sayings to Get You Motivated

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Inspiration can be found anywhere, but why look for it when we are providing inspiration right here in the form of some very short, but very profound quotes and sayings. Life is hard and sometimes a few inspirational sayings can be the momentary lift that gets us to the next […]

34 Funny Modern Family Memes & Quotes

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One of the best and funnies shows on television is Modern Family, which means Modern Family Memes were sure to follow. Here is our collection of some of the funniest Modern Family quotes and memes. Are we missing any of your favorite Modern Family quotes? Read even more modern family […]

Our Favorite, Funny Duck Dynasty Quotes

12 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Duck Dynasty is one of the television shows that caught the world, at least the United States, by storm. A cast of likeable characters who are down to earth and speak their mind. Usually their quotes are as honest as they are hilarious. Here are some of our favorite and […]

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Helpful Quotes About Living Life Everyday

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Sometimes life gets hard and we need something to help us keep going. Sometimes a helpful word or meaningful quote is enough. These quotes are here to get you through a tough day and sometimes to help you avoid a tough day. Good advice ain’t cheap.

Steve Jobs Quotes – From the Mouth of Jobs

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No one ever accused Steve Jobs of not speaking his mind and that is a great thing because the man said many powerful and helpful words. His advice and be harsh and challenging, but that was what Steve Jobs was about. So take a moment and read what he thought […]

Thoughtful Quotes from Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe was just a pretty face and a talented actress she was far more intelligent and soulful than most people gave her credit for. These quote from Marilyn Monroe show the depth of her thoughts and emotions. Read the words of Marilyn and learn a little more about this […]

Funny Jim Gaffigan Quotes

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A Few of My Favorite, Funniest Jim Gaffigan Quotes Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest comedians in world. Here are some of his funniest quotes from his stand up act and some great one-liners from his twitter account, which we suggest you follow. so read his comedic genius and […]