How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home Naturally

We certainly marvel at the productivity and teamwork we see in ants, but only when they are in the wild and not in our house or in our yard. That is when that productivity and teamwork becomes quite the annoyance and sometimes becomes dangerous especially with pets or children. If you have fire ants or any other sort of pest which you feel may damage your home, I would consult with a professional pest control company such as Pest Control Des Moines, which would be the best method to remove them. Boiling water seems to be the natural solution but there are many precautions to consider. But if you are looking to get rid of a less dangerous ants in your house and yard then there are many natural remedies to do so.

Believe it or not there are over ten thousand of ant species on the planet and luckily a very small number look to our homes for foots. The most likely ant to invade your home is the pharaoh ant, the Argentine ant, the odorous house ant and the pavement ant. Carpenter ants are also common, but those require a professional exterminator to deal with.

Of course ants are a good thing for our earth as they keep eat neat and tidy but ridding us of many other annoying insects such as bed bugs, flies, flea larvae, silverfish and others. They are insect control in their own right, so we have chosen many of these ant removal methods as thy keep ants out of your home rather an outright killing the ants in most cases. Naturally getting rid of ants in your home should be your first option and then look at more aggressive methods such as terminix, for removing ants as needed. After all, everyone wants to get rid of pests as quickly as possible! While it’s nice to care for the welfare of wildlife, if they’re actually damaging your home or even pose a risk to you and your family, utilizing the services like those featured on might be a more decisive solution. There are many effective natural ways to keep your home ant-free, such as…

Use Coffee Ground to Keep Ants Away.

coffee grounds will stop ants

Use Soapy Water to Deter Ants from Your Home

load the soapy water

Make Your Own Ant Baits Without Harmful Chemicals.

make your own ant baits

Add Natural Ant Barriers such as Turmeric and Vinegar.

put up defensive barriers against ants

Seal Off All Potential Entrances to Your Home to Prevent an Ant Invasion.

seal off all entrances

Try Using Splenda to Get Rid of Your Ant Problem.

splenda stops ants

Use Odors to Stop Ants: Mint, Camphor and Oil of Cloves.

sprinkle deterrents for ants

Use Foods: Corn Meal, Cream of Wheat and Coffee Grounds Deter Ants.

Use food to kill ants

Thanks to WikiHow for these ideas on getting rid of ants in your kitchen and home.