10 Shockingly Unusual Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs



Try decorating your Easter Eggs without Being Boring

Okay so these are the most shocking ways to decorate or color you Easter eggs, in fact, how shocking could decorating eggs for Easter really be? Suffice to say these egg decorating techniques won’t blow your mind, but they will get you thinking about doig somethng otehr than dippig your eggs in dye like you do every year. Step out of the box and get with the times. Try decorating your Easter eggs with one of these new and unusual methods and feel better about yourself this year.

If you wanna play it safe, check out these Easter egg decorations.

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Decorate Easter Eggs with Yarn

A lot of work but won’t the Easter bunny be impressed?

decorate Easter eggs with Yarn

Dip Eggs in a Tinting Paint to Decorate

Can’t you just see Martha Stewart doing this. These Easter eggs would look great in her house, I bet.

decorate eggs with pastel tinting paints

Decorate Easter Eggs with Mosaics and Egg Shells

Seems like a lot of work to break an egg to use it to decorate another egg. Kind of like how Walking Dead puts dead body parts to hide themselves from the other zombies. Okay, it is nothing like that. Move along.

decorate Easter Eggs with Colored egg shells

Color Easter Eggs with a Magic Marker

Seems more like a last minute idea rather than a showstopper, but hey, kids ain’t that smart. Give it a try.

decorate Easter eggs with magic marker

Decoupage Those Eggs!

Now we are talking! This is serious egg decorating and probably too good eat. Save them!

decorate Easter eggs with decoupage

Glitter and Gemstones for Classy Easter Eggs

If you feel your Easter celebration and egg hunt is a bit too casual, glam it up with this bling, bling Easter eggs!

decorate Easter eggs with gemstones and glitter

Paint Eater Eggs with Nail Polish

Got any nail polish you hate? Cool, use it on your eggs. It gets really freaky.

Color Easter Eggs with nail Polish

Decorate Eggs with Confetti and Paper Flowers

Okay, if you have this kinda time I’m thinking you need to start thinking about getting a job or volunteering. Wow, that is time-consuming.

Decorate Easter Eggs with confetti flowers

Decorate with Paper Cut Outs

You still need to dye the eggs, but adding some interesting paper cut outs does give it a cool look. Just glue them on better than in this picture.
Decorate Easter Eggs with Paper

Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

If you must just dye your eggs, at least color them with natural food dyes. And then put some parsely leaves so your friends will all be jealous. Crack on!
dye Easter eggs naturally

Let us know if you try any of these not-so-shocking egg decorating techniques and send pics if you do.

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