22 DIY Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Cool

Having a kitchen to brag about is always a good thing. Having a cool kitchen to showoff would look great if you maybe considered some of ProductExpert’s Review of the top dishwashers in India. But anyway, today we bring you 22 creative diy ideas for the kitchen that anyone with some free time and a few bucks can realistically do. There are plenty of new products you can find for affordable prices, like wall stickers, that would help you to easily update a room, but kitchen DIY projects are fun and usually have a quick pay off in satisfaction as they have a functional use as well as being a design element. Many of these DIY ideas also have storage and organization features so you get double satisfaction for you time and effort. And if you’re struggling for money, it might be a good idea to make sure you have the right energy quote. My friend told me to compare energy providers online to get the best deal. Don’t feel like you can only do one projects either, most of the these don’t overlap allowing you to accomplish a few rather than one, so get to it and make your kitchen cool, creative and a DIY dream. If you want the perfect finish to your sink, check out this link for the best faucet designs right now – https://www.identifyr.com/home/kitchen/best-kitchen-faucets/.

Create a Grocery list on a paper roll

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Source: www.weheart.co.uk

Make wooden spoons into wall art.

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Source: hunterartsnetwork.org

A rake head makes a great utensil holder.

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Source: www.recyclart.org

Cutting boards and fabric hold you utensils quite nicely.

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Source: comfort-kitchen.ru

Rain gutters make great indoor planters.

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Source: www.1001gardens.org

Wooden sticks keep knives safe and upright.

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Full Tutorial: feliciakramer.blogspot.ca

Old shutters and knobs create a creative spot to hang things.

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Full Tutorial: lovelindseyblog.blogspot.com

Collect your recipes in a stylish recipe book.

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Full Tutorial: www.the36thavenue.com

A stick, some rope and wire baskets are an interesting and useful kitchen DIY idea.

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Source: www.poppytalk.com

Hanging fruit saves counter space.

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Source: blog.justinablakeney.com

Fun kitchen idea for a magnetic board.

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Full Tutorial: www.diy-enthusiasts.com

Fresh herbs were never so easy to have.

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Source: www.pinterest.com

Use an old thermos or four to build a window treatment.

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Source: sunlitspaces.com

And old cabinet door becomes a functional recipe card holder.

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Full Tutorial: lilluna.com

Magnetic board holds your spices like art.

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Source: www.designsponge.com

Using a bunt cake mold as a plant hanger is creative, cool.

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Buy it here: www.etsy.com

Indoor herb gardens keep floors clean.

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Full Tutorial: www.designsponge.com

Hanging plants in glass drops is classy and creative.

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Source: www.centrogarden.com

A nice look with that hangs out in your kitchen.

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Source: vickys-home.blogspot.com

A vintage bent spoon becomes a great handle on a recipe box.

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Source: www.countryliving.com

A dresser becomes a kitchen island.


Source: inhis.com

Use old tea tins to grow herbs inside your kitchen.

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Source: www.stepinit.com

And that is it. Which idea did you like best? Will your kitchen get a mini makeover with any of these DIY Kitchen ideas?