14 DIY Gifts for Men They Will Actually Love

28 April, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

Buying gifts is easy but usually not as fulfilling. DIY gifts always get appreciated even if they aren’t really want the gift-getter wanted. But I have good news, your man will appreciate and like any of these DIY gifts. So take you pick of these DIY gifts for men, they […]


21 DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

23 October, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Let’s face it, girls. We don’t like giving our boyfriends a gift that is something sports related, kills things or helps his car. We want to give a gift that is meaningful and from the heart. We want a DIY gift for our boyfriend. But since he probably doesn’t want […]

Creative DIY Gift Ideas (13 Pictures)

19 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Homemade or DIY gifts are usually the most treasured and thoughtful gifts. Here are 13 lucky ideas that are both creative and thoughtful. Before you read any further, please visit http://www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com/ and see how C.R.A.F.T. makes the world a better place.