20 LOL Pictures for Monday Blues

18 November, 2013 The Big A 0

Mondays make most people sad and we here at snappy pixles are no exception. So we have decided to start our day and your day with a group of funny pictures with the belief you will get at least one LOL out of these images. So take a look at […]


The 51 Very Best and Funniest Savage Chickens Comics

14 November, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

If this post is introducing you to the very funny comic, Savage Chickens, then you are in for a treat. While the humor is simple, don’t let that fool you, it is also very deep sometimes, even if that humor is delivered by savage chickens, although I haven’t really seen […]

37 Funny Cakes for All Occasions

28 October, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Humorous Cakes for All Occasions Everyone loves cake. Every loves to laugh. So, funny cakes should be a great topic for funny picture post, yes? Which hilarious cake is your favorite? The meme cakes, the disgusting cakes, the sexy cakes or the adorable cakes? You have to wonder how good […]