Random Funny Pictures for a Guy Named Scott

20 May, 2014 Pixel Pete 0

So I’m looking around the Net, checking out Reddit and Pinterest and I come across a board on Pinterest named Scott. Why is this board named Scott? No idea, but the pictures are weird, random and funny, so I’m guess these pictures are for Scott or collected for Scott so […]

Freaky, Funky Animal Hybrid Photos

19 September, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

I’m not stating whether these photos are un-retouched or Photoshopped as I think you can figure that out for yourselves. Whichever they may be, they are definitely signs of a creative mind! There are a few hybrids that I wish actually existed and some that I’m thankful they don’t. Enjoy […]

Real World Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

18 August, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Weight Loss: Before and After Pictures Sometimes you need to drop a few pounds or lose some extra weight, but thinking about it and doing something about it are two very different things. You need to stop thinking about doing things and actually start doing things. You might be thinking […]

Funny Batman Pictures and Jokes

30 July, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Batman has been an icon of pop culture for many decades and doesn’t appear to be slowing down in his old age. The Dark Knight is a dangerous and popular as ever. And all things popular become fodder for some funny treatments such as facial hair, chest hair and of […]

Unbelievable Facts in 22 Pictures

27 July, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Just because it is on the Internet doesn’t make it true, so some of these unbelievable facts may be unbelievable because they may not be true or are only being theorized. Either way, theses facts shown as pictures will get your thinking and that a good thing. Prepare to suspend […]

27 Interesting Pictures of Anything

22 July, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

What makes a picture interesting is always up for debate. The subject matter, the lighting, the angle of the camera or maybe something personal to you alone. Whatever the case, these pictures have something about them that makes them interesting.

Trippy Pictures Make You Do a Double Take

21 July, 2013 Pixel Pete 0

Some of these trippy pictures are real, some are the after effects of creativity with photoshop, but either way these pictures will make you look twice and do a double take. Trippy pictures begin now. Sources: Pinterest, Worth1000, CakeWrecks, LOLFunz