11 Simple DIY Craft Ideas for Adults

In collecting these crafts I looked for three criteria. 1. They had to be easy to do in an afternoon. 2. They had to be something adults would enjoy (even if they had to be a kid at heart. And, 3. The directions had to be easy to follow.

The 11 craft ideas meet these standards and the directions can be found by following the links for each craft project. The text is a pulled quote from the site, from the DIYer themselves. I thought it would be nice to let them speak about their project. So please visit them and spend an afternoon creating something!

DIY Lego Storage Jar

If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego you know the importance of having easy Lego storage for kids. I made these large Lego mini figure head storage jars out of plastic snack containers. They are easy and inexpensive to create and you’re kids will love them.


DIY Bowl Made from Confetti

Last weekend I made this DIY project with the boys, it’s really easy to make and I can assure that you’re gonna have fun!


Paint-Stick Lampshade

Transform a basic shade with paint sticks. Those hardware-store stirrers can do more than just blend semigloss. Instead, use them to ring any cylindrical shade that’s up to 14 inches tall.


DIY Button Rings

My supplies of buttons just doesn’t seem to get any smaller. After making the Bow button shirt, I still had loads left. And because I’ve seen some button ring DIY’s on Pinterest and Craftgawker, I felt like making my own button rings!


DIY Shutter Door Organizer

I officially love the door organizer. But, now with the magnetic knife addition and some re- organizing, I really, really love it. I’m seriously considering open kitchen shelving in my future home. It makes putting things away so simple. Here’s the door with it’s new arrangement…



Fork and Spoon Cabinet Knobs

Fashion these DIY handles from two same-size serving pieces



DIY Striped Table with Colored Tape

Less than an hour (and two packs of Kid Made Modern tape + half of two other solid colored rolls of normal washi) later, my work desk looked so rad. This was super easy and cheap to do. Now all I need is one of these leather office chairs and my home office is complete! I enjoy working from home, I find it much more freeing and relaxing. One of my friends works in a large office and she’s recently been told that every Employee has to wear a face mask at work, due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s one benefit of working from home though, as it’s only me here, I don’t need to worry about spreading or catching any germs from other members of staff. However, it’s understandable why her workplace has recommended that safety precaution.



DIY Rustic Wood Clipboards

I have always loved the look of displaying photos or small art with clipboards. Rachel always has a few scattered here and there in her home and it’s super cute. You could customize store bought clipboards by painting them or adding to them in some way. You could look at finding the best vinyl cutting machine and create small additions to your clipboard art.



Colorful DIY iPHone Cases

I love to rotate my iPhone case often. I have a small collection and I’m always on the hunt for more. This week I tried my hand at making some. For the base I orderd several clear cases for $2 each (thanks, Amazon!). Be sure to get the correct size case for whatever your phone model is. Then I tried a couple different methods for giving them a DIY makeover.


DIY Playing Cards with Photo Backs

Today we’re customizing a regular deck of playing cards with photos from your life! We love sharing our favorite photos in unexpected ways around the house. Next time you have friends over for a game of cards they’ll be so impressed with your adorable customized set! It might even distract them for long enough for you to get the upperhand, but it’s probably worth having some practice online too first by following the link dewapoker is a pretty good place to start if this is your game of choice.


DIY Stripe Doorway with Washi Tape!

A little while ago I purchased some extra large interior washi tape from Etsy. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, until I had the idea to give this doorway a little pop of color and texture. This project was so much fun, not too time consuming and it’s totally “renter friendly” too! I love the look of painted stripes in home decor, but I’ve shyed away from them in the past because they look so time consuming.


Please visit the sites to see how they created this fun and easy crafts for adults.