28 DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas

You can admit it, you’ve gotten tired of the ol’ red and white plush stocking for Christmas. It’s time for a change. Santa is bored with all the same stockings year after year, too. He once told me he’d drop an extra $1000 in every Christmas stocking that was made at home by hand. How he knows the difference and whether or not you believe him is up to you. But hey, I’d take that chance to get $1000.

flower stocking

steve and linda

red and white stockings

burlap with lace

elfy stockigns

dog stocking


teal and red

paw stocking

leopard print stocking

sweater stocking


felt stocking

white stocking

green red polka dot

plaid stocking

pom stocking

thin stocking

striped stocking

stitched stocking

V and H

minion stocking


christmas sweater stocking

leather stocking

blue and white

monogrammed stocking

holly stocking

nike stocking