14 DIY Ideas for End Tables


Building an end table is a good way to get started in the DIY world. A DIY end table or side table isn’t a daunting task and can be quite rewarding and with success on a small project, other more complicated DIY project await, if you are interested in finding out more about DIY you might want to check out somewhere like https://howtohome.com/. Before starting a DIY project, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment and resources in order to successfully build furniture and more in your house. You could start by purchasing construction tools from somewhere like Stonex, which will allow you to build whatever you need whether it is a side table or a bookshelf. A DIY project can be very fulfilling and give you more pride in your home and the features that make up the uniqueness of your own space. If you are taking apart something to build it back up into an end/side table but you are having trouble with deconstructing it, you may want to check out helpful articles as – how to remove a stripped bolt, so you aren’t sitting there in frustration as you hack away.

If you’d like something a little more professionally built or bespoke, you may want to hit the shops to see what kind of stylish tables you can find there. Lowe’s has always been popular amongst those looking to do a little bit of home improvement or interior design. Shopping at places like this doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you can use coupons and promo codes from sites like Raise which can give you a healthy saving on your purchases, so that’s well worth giving a go if you’re in the market for some new products for your home. If you commit to the DIY route, shops like that have all the hardware necessary to build your own masterpiece. Here are some DIY side tables to get you going with links and instructions on how to create and build each one.

DIY Crate Table


End table project credit to creative-ambitions.blogspot.com

DIY Brass Side Tables

brass cylinder end table

DIY Brass Side Table credit – A Beautiful Mess

Library Card Cabinet Upcycle Side Table

Library Card File Drawers Side Table

How to upcycle a card cabinet by The Painted Hive

DIY Industrial Side Tables

diy industrial side tables
Find out how at Lowes

DIY Iron & Glass End Table


Build this DIY end table here.

DIY Dog Bed End Table

dog bed end table

Learn how to build this end table at Domestic Imperfection.

DIY Ruler Tabletop End Table


Step by step directions for the ruler end table at Country Living.

End Table Made with Old Books

end table made books
DIY end table built from books at Whimsically Homemade.

DIY Log Slice End Table


Make your own log end table at seakettle.com

DIY French End Table

diy-french-end-tableMake this French theme side table at Honey Bear Lane.

DIY Shipping Crate End Table

shipping crate end table

Get the DIY directions from The Cozy Old Farmhouse

Industrial Two-Level DIY Side Table


Build this industrial work or art with help from The Golden Sycamore.

DIY Black and White Chevron End Table

black and white chevron end table

Thanks to Vintage Prairie Style for this lovely end table.

DIY Suitcase End Table Recycle

DIY Suitcase Table IdeaSuitcase end table design from Mrs Adventure.