28 Objects & Products Using Guns

Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands. Today, there are many reasons for responsible concealed carry and wanting to protect your family is probably the most common one. Guns should be reserved for people in this kind of situation. Countless lives over the course of history have been ended by the hot metal of firearms. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! Many people use guns for a hobby for example, hunting. If a gun is used safely by a responsible adult and with the correct reloading kit, the risks of injury are reduced. It’s often said the best way to take away the power of fear from something is to make it funny. Whether or not the following exemplifies such noble intentions or the symptoms of America’s perceived gun-crazed lunacy is left to your discretion. Maybe it’s time to replace guns used recreationally with bb guns.

Pipe Gun


Gun Comb



Gun leash for Dog


Gun Door Handles


Gun Shaped Screwdriver


Gun Lamp


Gun Lighter


Light ’em up, boys!


I guess you could say he… popped a cap. I couldn’t help myself.

Gun Knife?


Purse in the Shape of a Handgun

gun purse

Mailbox as a Handgun



P0ol in the Shape of a Gun

gun pool

Gun Shaped Barbecue Grill

gun grill

Another mailbox that looks like a gun.

gun mailbox

gun heels

Hairdryer that looks like a pistol.

gun hair dryer long

This one will certainly “blow” you away.

gun lamp

Shoot the lamp to turn it off and on. Lamp tilts when you hit it.

gun grill bling

Rihanna sporting an AK grill.

Microphone gun

gun mike

gun alarm clock

Gun Remote Control for TV

gun tv remote

Popsicle Guns

gun popsicle

Gun Popsicle… I hope.

Stitched Panorama

This one shot physics right in the face.


full size lighter

Camera Gun. Point and shoot.