DIY Funny Carved Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns

When it comes to pumpkin carving, the pumpkin is a blank canvas. Should you go scary, funny, artsie, gross, carved all the way through the sides or just through the skin??? Decisions, decisions. Enjoy what these artists decided to do with their canvases!

funny pumpkin1

funny pumpkin21

funny pumpkin15

funny pumpkin22

funny pumpkin46

funny pumpkin55

funny pumpkin43

Pumpkin carving

funny pumpkin30

funny pumpkin53


funny pumpkin56

funny pumpkin32

funny pumpkin48

funny pumpkin38

funny pumpkin28

funny pumpkin45

funny pumpkin26

funny pumpkin36

funny pumpkin27

funny pumpkin29

funny pumpkin58

funny pumpkin34

funny pumpkin41

funny pumpkin47

funny pumpkin51

funny pumpkin65

funny pumpkin60

funny pumpkin50

funny pumpkin59

funny pumpkin35

funny pumpkin52

funny pumpkin44

funny pumpkin33

funny pumpkin39

funny pumpkin20

funny pumpkin6

funny pumpkin13

funny pumpkin3

funny pumpkin16

funny pumpkin12

funny pumpkin2

funny pumpkin9

funny pumpkin11

funny pumpkin5

funny pumpkin18

funny pumpkin14

funny pumpkin10

funny pumpkin19

funny pumpkin4

funny pumpkin17

funny pumpkin8

funny pumpkin31