An Important Guide to Understanding Introverts

Guide to Understanding Introverts

Every now and then you come across something worthwhile on the Internet. Something that changes the way you think about life or other people fundamentally. This is one such discovery I made, “Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted!” It is so simple, yet so insightful I felt I had to share it as an individual post. It all makes perfect sense and I can start treating introverts in the right manner and stave off my per-judgments. It’s so easy to stereotype them as lazy, uninterested and with no passion for life, sitting at home in the dark watching porn, and perhaps using bullet vibrators for the company (there is nothing wrong with this in moderation), but actually in many situations, it’s nothing like this at all. In fact, it could be for a number of reasons that we don’t care to realise or understand.

Many who are introverted prefer the company of themselves to that of others. The peace and tranquility it offers them helps them to remain calm and to reflect on life. That’s not to say that introverts don’t have or enjoy having friends. They just don’t need their continual company to feel happy. Introverts sometimes are happier without intimate relationships too as having a partner can make them feel claustrophobic. That’s why some might prefer to use a sex doll to satisfy their desires without having to do any of the usual talking afterwards. Quiet comes naturally to an introvert, whereas conversation does not.

Some people do not like being introverted in some settings as it makes them feel like they don’t fit in and decide to take things like cannabis to increase their sociability and also help them to feel more relaxed. They do also enjoy the delta 8 high feeling or any other variation of cannabis because it makes them feel less constrained and more free. However, other introverts just prefer to be away from the crowds and that’s how they will choose to stay. But hey, I just grew as a person. Thank you guide to understanding introversion!

Guide to Understanding Introverts

Are you worried that your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your husband or wife is a passive-aggressive pain in the ass, who is purposefully trying to drive you crazy by avoiding all contact with the outside world? Cartoonist Schroeder Jones feared that his ex-boyfriend believed just that. In truth, the poor guy was just an introvert. So he made a comic explaining exactly why introverts behave the way they do.