33 Cringeworthy Pranks and Shennanigans

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It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself. We make fools out of ourselves sometimes and it’s healthy to be able to separate yourself to see the humor in our imperfection. When your so-called “friends” make a fool out of you, then it’s on. Fun game idea: if your […]

20 Funny Christmas Card Ideas for the Family

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20 Funny Christmas Card Ideas that are family-friendly. Although some of the humor may appeal more to the adults than the children. Santa is involved in most of the Christmas card jokes, but snowmen, reindeer and some crazy families are also involved. So if you like creating your own cards […]

45 Unsettling Vintage Santa Ads

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Mad Men is the portrayal of the most fun job America has ever had. It seems like you could get away with putting anything in the papers in America’s golden age compared to today’s standards. Even Santa Claus himself was not immune to selling cigarettes that didn’t give you a […]

31 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

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It’s strange how quickly fashion can turn on you. One day crotchless panties are totally fine and the next, everyone at the mall is screaming at you to put your pants back on. I’ll never understand it. Even an item whose atrociousness is universally agreed upon by all of humanity […]

The Mightiest Cookies, 22 Avengers Gingerbread Cookies

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the Avengers are great. Cookies are great. Put the two together and you get an event greater thing: Avenger Cookies! Mot of these cookies are gingerbread Avengers, but there are also some sugar cookie Avengers and even a Gingerbread Avengers Mansion (Stark Headquarters). All your favorite superheroes from the Avengers […]

38 Simple & Inspiring Gingerbread House Ideas

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Gingerbread houses are almost synonymous with Christmas. The wonderful smell of gingerbread cookies, the spicy taste and the really creative houses you can build with gingerbread make this cookie the choice of small home builders everywhere. And since you are look at SnappyPixels.com we are sure you don’t want an […]

37 of The Saddest Things You Will Ever See

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We freely admit there are other sadder things on the Internet, but these pictures are quite sad, even if only to certain people. some of the saddest things are a bit funny too, but sadness and joy are but two sides of the same coin, yes? So sometimes sadness is […]

27 Marvel Super Hero Christmas Cards

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Marvel Comics puts out Christmas Cards and there is also a lot of fan art Christmas cards. Here is a collection of holidays cards from Marvel and from fans, showcasing some of Marvel’s biggest superheroes such as Spider-man carrying Santa’s bag, the Incredicle Hulk sitting on Santa’s Lap, Deadpool tied […]

DIY Lamp with Photo Negatives

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This neat project comes from photography teacher Claire Chauvin. She runs poopscape.com, where she offers many more DIY ideas for crafty individuals. Thanks for helping us turn negatives into positives!

18 Homemade DIY Christmas Cards to Impress

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18 Homemade DIY Christmas Cards to Brighten the Season Time to get crafty and start making your own Christmas cards, yes, homemade Christmas cards. If you can’t afford a gift or just want to impress your family and friends with your craft skills, think about a DIY Christmas card. They […]

25 Creative, Cool Key Holders & Racks

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Keys are a large part of our lives. Everyday we rely on them to get into things, keep other things out, and strip the tape off our packages. They work hard and need a well-deserved rest at the end of the day on a comfy key hook. Alas, like any […]

18 Historical Events That Happened at the Same Time

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You may not believe in coincidence and that is okay because all of these historical events aren’t all coincidental so much as they are hard to believe. Italy and Coke are about the same age? That is just one of the amazing 18 events from history that happened at the […]

25 Creative Uses for Recycled Newspaper

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It’s been an unavoidable truth for a while that print media is on its way out. Who knows how much longer newspapers will be around to titillate us with syndicated cartoons? And who could go without the regaled adventures of last weekend’s clam bake? It’s important to cherish what little […]

Creative DIY Uses for Nail Polish

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Creative DIY Uses for Nail Polish – So you don’t have to just polish your nails, you can also do a few other useful things with nail polish. Thanks to http://www.instructables.com/ for the ideas. Nail polish can smudge-proof your labels. Use nail polish to seal and envelope Nail polish can […]

28 Amazing Nail and String Projects

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When was the last time string inspired you? If you’re like me, the answer is “never,” never that is until someone wraps it around a bunch of nails then voila. Finally, you can combine your love of paint-by-numbers and smacking things with a hammer to create art! All you need […]

26 Things You Can Relate to in Life

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Life can provide many moments that are unique, but most of our daily lives are simple so relateable. Meaning most events or happenings in our lives are things others can relate to in your life. Such as the 26 relateable things below. Things you can relate to can be thoughts, […]

25 Extremely Cool Dogs with Sunglasses

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Dogs are cool. Sunglasses are even cooler. But dog with sunglasses? That is about as cool as you can get. I mean, dogs don’t normally wear sunglasses so when a I see a pup donning dark shades I have to look twice. And now you can look twice and see […]