25 Unique Coffee Tables To Spice Up Your Room



Do you know someone who is obsessed with coffee? Do you have someone in your life who only drinks the finest coffee and if they buy new coffee equipment, they always check for the quality of it on The Full Moon Cafe? Well, a coffee table may be a perfect gift for them.

Coffee tables are the lifeblood of the living room. And with a table lamp, you can literally light up your living space. Thankfully there are places similar to Pagazzi where you can find table lamps in all shapes and sizes. You can find out more about their vast collection of table lamps, floor lamps, and other items that can help you decorate your home. Coffee tables make for a great centrepiece to place on top of our luxury rugs and bring something new to the room. Nowadays, they are used for drinks, feet and cats mostly, but we love them. And if we are going to have tables not used for coffee in our living rooms why not make them unusual wooden coffee tables that our guest admire and our parents wonder why we buy such crazy stuff. Here are 25 unique coffee table ideas that can be in your home, for a price.

Tables of Continents

Much cheaper than going to school to learn geography.


Mixtape Coffee Table

This screams 80s so it must be awesome!


Foosball Coffee Table

It’s a foosball table so it must be fun


Computer Board Table

Nerd alert! This is not a working computer…or is it?

Tables that nest and then never want to leave your home…like children or in-laws.


LED Pong Coffee Table

Who needs a TV or gaming system, you have a coffee table with Pong. Pong


Pulp Coffee Table

Save on money and your dignity and pride. Get a coffee table made to last…about 6 weeks.


Bentley V8 Engine Coffee Table

This coffee table really purrs. Take if for a spin around the living room. Be careful of the lamp.


Lego Coffee Table

A couple hundred more of these tables and you have a the best Christmas gift for some young boy.


Modern Fire Coffee Table

Is your fireplace too far from your table? Not any more. Feel the flames, feel the heat!


Vintage Snowshoe Coffee Table

You are set if you ever need snowshoes to hike out of the wilderness.


Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

You’ll never lose your controller again.


Tour Coffee Table

Don’t try to ride this coffee table. Glass up your butt hurts…so I’m told.


Don Vino Wine Coffee Table

Show the world you have a serious drinking problem. Or are getting ready to have one.


Surf Board Coffee Tables

You have to use the word “dude” at least 10 times a day with this surfing coffee table.


Vintage Bathtub Coffee Table

Sometimes a tub is used for cleaning the dirt from you body, other times it just holds the dirt.


Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table

Can you solve the cube without breaking your back?


Printer’s Type Tray Coffee Table

Your tiny collectables will love this table, you little hoarder, you.


Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table

Losing your mind or just your memory? Get the world’s biggest sticky note pad, that isn’t sticky.


Vintage Water Ski Coffee Table

Vintage water skis are finally being used properly…to hold your drinks.


Aquarium Coffee Table

I’m sure the fish love seeing he bottoms of your feet.


Mushroom Coffee Table

Is this a table or chairs? Yes.


Font Inspired Coffee Table

Forget the alphabet? Never again, unless you are in the kitchen.


Swimming Pool Coffee Table

This pool is definitely too shallow to dive, but try anyway.


Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Show your company that you really, really have a drinking problem.