Fun DIY Classroom Valentine Cards for School

Long gone are the days of standing in the aisles of your local discount store sorting through the towers of children’s boxed Valentines. As a child making those choices, I usually left the store with more than one selection of those boxed Valentines. There were several considerations that went into making such decisions as usually one Valentine design/character could not convey how I felt about each individual classmate. You know what I’m talking about… one box of cool Valentine cards for my favorite classmates, a box containing a few “secret crush” Valentine cards for my unspoken love/loves and a box of “general” Valentine greetings.

Times have changed and the classroom Valentine has evolved into customized DIY crafts. No more buying multiple boxes for different tastes, customize for each person! I hope this selection gets your creative juices flowing!

Valentine’s Day Ruler for Classroom

valentines-ruler Valentine Ruler

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Card

“My Heart Melts for You” Valentine’s Day S’mores Idea

smore valentines

Homemade Oreo Valentine for Child’s Class

Edible Scrabble Valentines Cards


Valentine’s Day Heart Crayons


RoCkiN’ Classroom Valentines Cards

urock valentine

Friendship Bracelet Valentines for Child’s Class


Star Wars Yoda Valentine Card with Glow Straw

yoda valentine card

DIY Pet Rock Valentine Cards


Super cute Fishbowl printable school Valentines