24 Real Before and After Makeup Photos – It works!

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24 Real Life Before and After Makeup Photos shows how well makeup and work in making a woman look even more beautiful. Beauty may be skin deep but putting a layer of makeup and your beauty is doubled! These women, beautiful in their own way are showing how much of […]

Guide to Understanding Introverts

An Important Guide to Understanding Introverts

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Every now and then you come across something worthwhile on the Internet. Something that changes the way you think about life or other people fundamentally. This is one such discovery I made, “Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted!” It is so simple, yet so insightful I felt I had […]

DIY Funny Carved Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns

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When it comes to pumpkin carving, the pumpkin is a blank canvas. Should you go scary, funny, artsie, gross, carved all the way through the sides or just through the skin??? Decisions, decisions. Enjoy what these artists decided to do with their canvases!

31 Geeky Cool Pumpkins for Halloween

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We included these cool and geeky pumpkins for Halloween in our DIY category, but the truth is probably that most of us don’t have the time or talent to pull off these majorly artistic pumpkin carvings for our jack-o-lanterns. So, scroll through the pumpkin art and simply marvel at the […]

Bizzare, Zany Urinals found in Bathrooms

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Let’s face it…It’s no fun standing and staring at cold, colorless, impersonal tile when you are trying to relax and “see a man about a horse”. Thankfully there are others who felt the same way and decided to make a change. Take a look at the efforts to put some […]

Minion Pumpkins – Painting & Carving from Despicable Me

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Painting Pumpkins & Carving Pumpkins Using Minions from Despicable Me Will minions ever go away? Probably not, much like The Simpsons they appear to be here forever and with their pumpkin-like body shape they are a perfect model for carving minion pumpkins or painting minion pumpkins. Here are some of […]

Freaky, Funky Animal Hybrid Photos

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I’m not stating whether these photos are un-retouched or Photoshopped as I think you can figure that out for yourselves. Whichever they may be, they are definitely signs of a creative mind! There are a few hybrids that I wish actually existed and some that I’m thankful they don’t. Enjoy […]

Cool Architecture from Around the World

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Architecture is a staple in all of society, no matter where people are there will be buildings and areas designed by the brightest and boldest of the architecture world, contributing to society. To showcase these designs, architects will turn to other professionals such as specialized photographers to take these photos […]

King of Thrones vs Star Wars (12 Pictures)

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Two cult favorites from different worlds. Sci-fi (Star Wars) vs Fantasy (King of Thrones. Who will win? If you like either story or are a fan of both, you can certainly appreciate these humorous comparisons. King of Thrones vs. Star Wars? Fans will always win.

Not Quite Happily Ever After Lives of Fairytale Princesses

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Not all the endings in the fairy tales of our youth are happily ever after. While these endings presented aren’t horrible, I think we can safely say they aren’t the endings that these fairytale princesses were hoping for. Enjoy these funny fairy tale pictures and their sad princesses.

35 Minature Food Sculptures Created by Shay Aaron

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Good things come in small packages, and these miniature works of art disguised as food certainly fit the bill. Artist Shay Aaron did a masterful job creating these tiny food sculptures. You almost want to eat them, they are so beautiful. Of course, it would be a small, small meal.

10 Female Hollywood Stars Then and Now

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These Hollywood female movie stars from our and from today show that the movie industry is in good hands. Starlets from Hollywood’s golden age are compared with the stars of Hollywood today.